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Draft Report on European Baccalaureate 2019
            of the parts, preparation and final art work was provided to the correctors in original form. So that
            the written part could be related to the rest of the parts. However, the marks for all parts and the final
            commentary was introduced in the on-line correction platform.

            Criteria referenced
            All examinations were accompanied by a marking scheme and grid, correction criteria and guidelines
            and/or suggested answers. These were known to the correctors and served as a benchmark to
            assess the examinations and award marks, through the forum in the Viatique software.

            Multiple correction and marking: Internal / External
            The on-line tools allowed the same script to be corrected by more than one corrector. In our system,
            every script is corrected twice. A third corrector can be involved if there is a mark disagreement of
            over 2 points between the two correctors.

            The on-line platform also made it possible to make sure that each corrected regularly added a final
            general mandatory commentary as established in the regulations. To validate the correction of a
            single script the corrector only needed to have entered the marks for every question and the final
            commentary, otherwise the “Validate” button would not be active.

            Random allocation of the scripts
            On-line  correction  tool  allowed  distributing  evenly  scripts  from  different  schools  to  different
            correctors. Before, so as to simplify the logistics, it was normally one corrector who corrected all the
            scripts from the same class/school.

            Blind correction
            On-line correction tools allowed scripts to have marking signs, symbols and comments without them
            being accessible to the second corrector, so that the second correction remained unbiased.

            However,  all  these  elements  were  accessible  to  the  third  corrector  (in  the  cases  of  mark
            disagreement over 2 marks), the inspectorate and European Baccalaureate Unit.

            Blended model
            The first correction was still carried out internally by the teacher of the candidate in the European
            Schools and the Accredited Schools.

            The second correction was carried out by a corrector external to the European School system in a
            correction center (European Schools) where 1 or 2 days’ meetings were organized between the
            inspectors and the external correctors in order to discuss correction guidelines and practice. Training
            and assistance on the use of the on-line platform was provided for the new external correctors as

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