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Draft Report on European Baccalaureate 2019
            3.3.   Correction of the European Baccalaureate Examinations: the On-line
                   Correction System

            For the third time, the scripts of the European Baccalaureate session were corrected on-line, through
            the Viatique system, by Exatech, the French company which won the call for tender launched in
            2016 by the OSG.

            Following  the  observation  made  by  the  different
            stakeholders of the system (Inspectors, teachers, external
            examiners,  schools  and  European  Baccalaureate  unit)
            during  the  previous  session  in  2018,  some  adaptations
            have been made in order to better suit the European
            Baccalaureate  regulations  and  to  optimize  and
            simplify some tasks, as for instance among others:

            -   follow up of the corrections for inspectors
            -   management of third corrections
            -   viewing of the scripts in the schools
            -   details of the viewing of the scripts on the screen
            -   administration panel

            The implementation of the on-line correction system during the European Baccalaureate session
            2019 was this year again very successful thanks to everybody’s efforts and co-operation.

            This system has shown great potential for the continuous improvement of the quality of assessment
            of  the  written  European  Baccalaureate  examinations  and  for  enhancing  the  efficiency  of  all  the
            phases in the correction process.
            We want to recall some key features supported by the on-line platform:

            Scanning of the examination scripts
            The scanning of the scripts were made in each examination center. The scripts were compacted and
            uploaded automatically to a secure server with an encrypted connection.

            The scanning of the examination scripts allowed scripts to be available earlier for second correctors,
            with the advantage of extending the correction period for second correction.

            This year the paper examination scripts stayed in the schools. Therefore this is the second year that
            was not needed to send the papers to the corrections centers.

            The scanning of the 2019 European Baccalaureate scripts went extremely well and fast. Almost all
            scripts were scanned right after the examination according to the schedule foreseen, and there was
            no delay in their distribution to the correctors.

            The readability of the scripts on the screen was very good. The scanning of special formats for pupils
            with special arrangements was also successful.

            A survey was conducted and 98.96% of the teachers and external correctors think that the readability
            of the scripts on the screen is good or very good.

            Anonymity  of  the  scripts
            resulted  in  the  unbiased
            assessment  of  candidates.
            This was automated during
            the scanning process.

            All examinations subjects’ scripts were anonymized, with the exception of Art and Music. The written
            part of these examinations also went on the official examination paper, which was scanned. The rest

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