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Draft Report on European Baccalaureate 2019
            4.  Assurance Quality of the 2019 European Baccalaureate session

            4.1.   The European Baccalaureate Subjects

            The European Baccalaureate examinations are elaborated under the responsibility of the secondary
            cycle inspectors listed below, assisted by teams of external experts. For the 2019 EB session, 158
            experts participated in the elaboration of 300 examination papers (148 main papers and 152 reserve
            papers). Each examination paper was accompanied by suggested answers, assessment criteria,
            marking instructions and marking grid.

            The  Board  of  Inspectors  (Secondary)  may  decide  to  submit  written  European  Baccalaureate
            examinations to external auditing in order to add a further layer of quality assurance.

            The  external  auditing  of  the  examination  papers  is  performed  by  independent  experts  with
            experience in the field of assessment. These experts are proposed by the Chairman of the European
            Baccalaureate Examining Board.

            For the European Baccalaureate session of 2019, the examination papers of Biology, Chemistry,
            Mathematics 3P, Mathematics 5P, Physics and History were audited externally and were found fit
            for purpose.

            4.2.   Quality control of the European Baccalaureate examinations proceedings

            Quality control of the written and oral examinations in the 23 participating schools was carried out
            by the Vice-Chairmen. In order to supervise the proceedings, the Vice-Chairmen visited the assigned
            examination centers for up to 2 days during the written examinations and for a maximum of 4 days
            per center throughout the oral examinations’ period. This year the supervision of the examination
            centers was distributed as follows:

             School                       The Vice-Chairmen and Quality Control

             ►ALICANTE                    Ms Miriam STANONIK
             ►BERGEN                      Ms Urszula ŁĄCZYŃSKA
                                          Ms Karin ECKERSTORFER,
             ►BRUSSELS 1
                                          Mr Darko TOT
                                          Ms Els VERMEIRE,
             ►BRUSSELS 2                  Ms Anne DEPUIS,
                                          Ms Ulla KAMP
                                          Mr Lars DAMKJAER,
             ►BRUSSELS 3                  Mr Jean-Pierre GROSSET-BOURBANGE,
                                          Ms Maria Dolores COLEIRO
                                          Ms Veselina GANEVA,
             ►BRUSSELS 4
                                          Mr Javier GARRALÓN BARBA
             ►FRANKFURT                   Mr Paul METCALF
                                          Mr Max WOLFF,
                                          Mr Alper YILMAZ
                                          Ms Renata JURANOVA,
             ►LUXEMBOURG 1
                                          Ms Lynda O’TOOLE
                                          Ms Violeta VALIUŠKEVIČIENÉ,
             ►LUXEMBOURG 2
                                          Ms Olita ARKLE
                                          Ms Gabriela DROC,
                                          Ms Irina GEORGESCU
             ►MUNICH                      Mr Helder GUERREIRO
             ►VARESE                      Ms Luca NEMESKÉRI

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